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New Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco! August 26, 2009

That’s right, Chicago’s favorite indie craft fair is adding a a second city to it’s holiday fair line-up this year!  Luckily for us San Franciscans, Renegade chose our very own beautiful city by the Bay.  If you loved it in July, you’ll love it even more in December, because the holiday season is when customers come holding cash and lists, and vendors come with all the inventory they can carry.

The fair will take place on December 19th and 20th at Fort Mason, which is a very warm and cozy location (despite its size), as long as you’re not near the front doors.  You can find the application here, which is due by October 9th, along with the $300 booth fee and $10 application fee.  If you are accepted into the fair, you will be notified by October 16th.  If not, your booth fee will be refunded by October 23rd.  For more info, you can visit the FAQs here.


One Response to “New Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco!”

  1. elissa Says:


    i’m gonna buy so much cool stuff.

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