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Reader/Writer Sets June 12, 2009

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I’ve been working on a custom notebook project lately and after I cut out all the covers I had a lot of pretty card stock left over that could become half-size notebooks and bookmarks.  I’ve also been wanting to do a project that uses patterned silhouettes and these seemed like the perfect medium to try it out.  Because I’m a little geeky, these have equations on them.

readerwriterscanI drew these shapes in Illustrator first, then printed them at 3/4″ size and cut them out with scissors.  Then I traced the cut-outs onto another scrap of card stock and made this stencil from them using an Xacto.


I plan to make at least one other set of equations using differently patterned paper. Ideally I’d also like to make these sets for sale as a very limited-edition run, but it takes too long to trace and cut out the shapes to be worth it.  I could print them on the Gocco but I Gocco everything these days.  I’m bored with it.