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Stickering on the High Seas November 23, 2009

Last week A. and I got back from our week-long Caribbean Cruise with Sweet Travel.  It wasn’t the ideal trip since both of us had to work, but it was still a lot of fun and we hung out with four of the most amazing women you’ll ever meet.  Also, the comedy shows were really great–Erin Foley and Sandra Valls were my favorites.

I mostly worked on my sticker mandalas while we were on the boat.  I didn’t have time to make all my own stickers, so I just used the Mrs. Grossman’s stickers for these.  I’m hoping to do more in the future with my own stickers.  It took me a few days at sea to not get dizzy staring at them, but by the time we made it home I had five completed. I printed and mounted them on thin plywood and now they are at The Lab gallery here in SF waiting for Postcard Show 13.

If you don’t know anything about The Lab’s Postcard show, you should really come and check it out.  Dozens of artists participate, and all of the work is affordable.  Original works max out at $50 and multiples max out at $20.  Awesome if you’re a collector or you have art lovers on your gift list.  I’ll have the mandalas there for $15 if you want to take one home.  You can also find me volunteering there the night of the 6th, but I recommend going to this show as early as possible.  Most of the best pieces sell out right away.


Studies October 29, 2009

Sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately. In addition to prepping for holiday sales, I’ve got two art shows coming up in November that I haven’t finished the work for yet. I’m working with sort of childhood theme–lots of bright colors and repetitive geometry–and I’ve done a couple of studies, but no finished pieces yet.

The first piece I’m working on is a custom Yoka vinyl toy for a show at DesignerCon on November 21st. A Yoka is a cute, jointed, vinyl toy bear. Mine is only 3″ high.


I was kind of surprised at how many people have made custom-decorated Yokas. Check out this one by Phu! This is a 10″ but he’s also got a 3″ in the DC show.

With such high-caliber work to contend with, I want to make sure my Yoka isn’t jankity and represents my strengths/style as an artist. My first thought, of course was to make a plush Yoka, but Alisa Ross already did that.

Then I thought I would put silk pins into it and wrap the pins with colored string, like the string art projects I did in summer camp. I pictured a delicate, multi-colored scaffolding that was same shape as the bear, but floating about a centimeter off its body. You’d just barely be able to see the white toy underneath through its gossamer shell. But when I actually tried this on a little foam model, the threads all slid down to the bear’s body and he just ended up looking like a coloring-book version of Hellraiser.


I thought about trying to hold them up with those tiny orthodontic rubber bands but that’s just too bulky for such a small toy. Now I think I’ll just embroider the designs directly onto the toy. Not as cool as a floating rainbow exoskeleton, but still pretty sweet.

The other project I’m working on is a set of mandalas for The Lab’s Postcard Art Show Dec. 4-6. They’re small pieces (about 6″ squares) and made with sticker shapes I drew. Here are some of the stickers.


Ideally I’d make the whole mandala set with stickers I drew myself but that’s a lot of time spent cutting tiny shapes and I don’t have much time these days. Depending on how quickly the first few go, I will either make them with a combination of my own stickers and stickers I’ve bought (of the Mrs. Grossman’s ilk), or I will just make digital prints of the mandala patterns I’ve mocked up in Illustrator. Here’s one from yesterday:


Apologies in advance if my posts are widely spaced until the holidays. Wish me luck!