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Another Great 3-D Pattern Technique October 1, 2009

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This one at Instructables uses packing tape, which is cheap and easy to use.  Packing tape doesn’t stretch, however, so this method is best for making patterns for stiffer fabrics like felt or woven cotton.  You can also have a friend wrap your body using packing tape to create a customized dress form.  I made them with my friend Elissa last year and they are awesome.


Worth Its Weight: Silent Packing Tape January 12, 2009

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There is no sound my husband hates more than the jerky scream of packing tape being pulled off the roll.  I admit, it’s an unusually loud and jarring noise, even from a couple of rooms away.  So when I recently ran out, I went looking for alternatives, and I have been extremely pleased with what I found: Office Depot’s Medium Duty Packing Tape.  It’s just their standard tape, but it’s thicker, stickier and less expensive than the Duck Brand tape I had been using, and better yet–it’s noiseless!  Now I can pack and tape as much as I want and it doesn’t bother anyone.  Huzzah!