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Lookit: Cash Apron May 8, 2008

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The Maker Faire was this past weekend (recap to follow) so I made myself a cash apron.  The big metal cash box I had been using at previous fairs was cumbersome to carry and impossible to keep out of sight but within easy reach.  My apron is a little too stiff and a little too square, but it’s functional, was quick to whip up, and didn’t cost me a dime, so I’m satisfied.  I just used remnants of materials I already had in the house.  You can’t really see it, since I sewed on the stripe, but the top pocket it divided into two.  The green “decoration” is Elvis, whose favorite place to stand is on top of whatever I’m working on.

Today I went to the JoAnn Fabrics in Emeryville because they’re having a moving clearance sale and I just made some money.  I was looking forward to finally getting a replacement rotary cutter, since I’ve been waiting to afford one for months.  Most things there are only 20% off and they have lots of restrictions, so it wasn’t really worth it.  For instance, you can only buy whole yard increments of fabric with a two yard minimum and it’s already slim pickings (no more rotary cutters).  At the checkout they wouldn’t let me use my 15% off discount card either so it REALLY wasn’t worth it, but I did finally succumb and buy the pattern for the eyelet dress I’ve been staring at for months.  I realize it’s on a mannequin, which has perfect proportions, but the fit was just so excellent.

Speaking of moving sales, I have noticed recently that a lot of stores are claiming that they are moving, when they are in fact closing branches.  There are signs in the windows telling customers to visit them at their “new” location, which is actually just another location they’ve already had for years.  Is this a new phenomenon designed to maintain brand confidence?