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New Crafty Gathering Space: Workshop September 4, 2009

workshopI really respect doers.  As a thinker-planner-worrier-maybe-eventually-doer I admire people who seize opportunities immediately and run with them all the way to the finish line.  Kelly Malone of Indie Mart is one such doer.  Last night I attended an open-house event at her new space called “Workshop,” which is a community art and activity space that holds classes, get-togethers and large-scale craft equipment.  It’s already got furniture, signage, and an awesome room divider made of old windows.  A week ago she didn’t even know about this space!

I think Workshop will be a fantastic addition to the San Francisco creative community, so I really want to see it succeed.  It’s set to officially open on September 19th, but in the meantime they need more stuff to make it fully equipped. If you have any of these items, you can drop them off almost any time in the next two weeks. Workshop needs:

-crafty, sewing & art supplies (scissors, thread, fabrics, yarn, bedazzlers, patterns, machines,
paints, brushes, anything rad you can think of)
-screening supplies (ink, old screens)
-building supplies & tools (hammers, drills, hardware, levels, saws, etc)
-light bulbs…we need hundreds for our light installation
-old saw blades, yard sticks, wooden vintage bobbins….for an installation
-dining room style chairs (that can be spray painted black for seating)
-DIY, how to & design books/ magazines to build up our inspiration library (Martha
Stewarts, ReadyMades, Dominos, you get the idea)
-pillows & cushions we can recover for our movie nights
-an office chair
-a computer
-speakers, turntables & stereo goodness
-an ipod for sale:)
-jars for storage (mason, baby food, etc)
-old drawers from small to medium size

To check out Workshop for yourself and to drop off donations/congratulate Kelly/try to steal some of her mojo for yourself, swing by the corner of McAllister and Baker streets during normal store hours.


No More Outdoor Fairs June 21, 2009

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Just got back from the Indie Mart.  I’m exhausted.  The sun was directly in my face all day and I spent a lot of time chasing down things that the wind blew over.  The poor guy next to me had to decide whether to leave his awesome woven collages in their condensation-filled plastic sleeves or to let the vintage paper sit out in the UV unprotected.

I don’t normally do outdoor fairs because they’re so uncomfortable. I think I’m going to have to forgo them completely, though, from now on.  Sweet Meats just don’t sell very well outdoors.  I don’t know what it is.  Cupcakes, on the other hand, seem to sell much better outdoors than in.  I’ll probably still do the Indie Mart (the booth fees are reasonable and the organizers are super nice), but only the indoor shows.  Anyone else find a huge difference in sales (one way or the other) between outdoors and in?  I’d like to explore this phenomenon further.