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Call for Artists: Holiday Wreath Benefit September 25, 2008

This fall, the Hayes Valley Merchants’ Association will be reviving an old tradition: the Holiday Wreath Benefit and Art Walk.  Bay Area artists will be creating wreaths to be displayed in Hayes Valley businesses and sold via silent auction. All proceeds will go to support Opportunity Impact.  Each artist who signs up to participate will receive a wreath wire frame (about one foot diameter), with total freedom to interpret the piece from there.

Verbal commitments from artists are requested by Wednesday, October 1st–that’s less than a week from today.  You will receive your wreath frame 1-2 weeks later, with the actual piece due to the Merchants’ Association by Black Friday, 11/28.

The pieces will go up for display and auction from 11/28 until the following Friday, 12/5, which is the date of the block party.  The auctions will close at 9pm that evening.  Every wreath site will have maps with all of the other wreath sites listed as part of the art walk.

Obviously, this a promotional opportunity, and not a paid one, but it’s a nice way to get another exhibition line on your CV while giving back during the holidays.  You only need to prepare one piece for it, and the merchants’ association goes nuts with publicity.  The last time they did this they even got a five-minute segment on the KRON4 evening news!  The Merchants’ Association is looking for approximately 30 artists and spots are steadily filling up, so if you want to be a part of this benefit, speak up (i.e. post a comment or e-mail me)!