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Thing-A-Day Progress Report September 10, 2009

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For the last three days I’ve worked on just one project–a prototype for a fair ribbon.  It’s a project I’m doing for free for a low-key client, but it seemed like an easy thing to start with.  I thought I would be able to finish the whole thing in one day, but it turned out I know less about how to make fair ribbons than I thought.

Day 1: Picked out fabrics from scrap stash and embroidered a piece of blue quilting cotton with white embroidery thread.  Wrapped it around the front of a 1.25″ Dritz make-your-own-shank-button, then snapped the back of the button on.

Day 2: Made the rosette for behind the button.  I started by sewing two circular pieces of fabric together.  Then I sewed a small circle in the middle, to create a ring.  I thought that if I gathered the center of the ring, or threaded elastic through it, that this would create a nice rosette effect.


Instead it created this:


Then I sewed a long tube of fabric, and threaded the elastic through that with my nifty bias turner.


I tightened the elastic and let the fabric bunch.  Still too messy.  It looked like a scrunchie.


Out of ideas, I turned to the Internet for help, and found this post on the Chronicle Books blog about how to make a blue ribbon greeting card for Father’s Day.  I sewed another (much longer) tube, and this time, I accordion-folded the fabric while sewing the folds together to secure them in a circle.

Day 3: Cut and hemmed the bottom ribbons, and glued everything together.  Added a pin and a string to the back.  Covered up the unsightly mess in the back with a blue felt circle.


Each day I completed at least one item, so I feel like I made a small, complete object each day, even though they were part of one project.  Today I worked for an hour on the Amy Sedaris cross-stitch while I was at the DMV.  After posting this, I’m feeling too tired to start anything new.  Four days down, twenty-six to go.


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