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Seeing Green March 23, 2009

I’ve been sick for over a week now.  It’s really pissing me off.  I have shit to DO, man!  But I’m finally well enough to at least type while I lie on the couch.  My apologies if this week’s posts are a little short.

With Earth Day coming up in a month a number of websites/companies are sponsoring “green design” contests:

  1. Threadless is having a green t-shirt design contest, with a $2,000 cash prize and loads of other stuff.  The deadline is April 6th.
  2. Inhabitat is having a contest for objects made out of re-used materials.  Their prize is $200 and the deadline is March 27th.
  3. Adventure Ecology is also having a “trash into treasure” contest called the “Smart Art Competition.” Submission deadline is May 1st and top prize is $2,000 cash and a “prominent” San Francisco exhibition.

I plan to enter all of these, and many more craft/design competitions.  It’s a great way to create portfolio assignments for yourself with real guidelines, real deadlines and the possibility of real rewards!


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