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Worth Its Weight: Silent Packing Tape January 12, 2009

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There is no sound my husband hates more than the jerky scream of packing tape being pulled off the roll.  I admit, it’s an unusually loud and jarring noise, even from a couple of rooms away.  So when I recently ran out, I went looking for alternatives, and I have been extremely pleased with what I found: Office Depot’s Medium Duty Packing Tape.  It’s just their standard tape, but it’s thicker, stickier and less expensive than the Duck Brand tape I had been using, and better yet–it’s noiseless!  Now I can pack and tape as much as I want and it doesn’t bother anyone.  Huzzah!


One Response to “Worth Its Weight: Silent Packing Tape”

  1. rv swanson Says:

    Surprisingly, I found packing tape can be used for more than one purpose..!

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